Brew House

The QTS custom brew house is manufactured in the USA, ranging in sizes from 3.5-100bbls with all levels of automation available. Our in-house engineering team will maximize your bottom line, with a focus on extract efficiency, system flexibility, and ease of operation. Whether steam, electric, or direct fire, we will customize your brewing system to fit your space, needs, and preferences.

Each brewing vessel is constructed from the highest quality of stainless steel, with an emphasis on qualified domestic suppliers, for a true American-made brew house. We do all of this under our 3-A & ASME certifications as well as BPE standards so we can ensure a truly safe and sanitary design. From our laser-welded heat transfer surfaces that maximize efficiency to our UL-listed, user-friendly control panels, every detail is intentional with the sole focus of providing you with the best tools available to make the exceptional beer that your customers deserve.

We offer complete systems in customized configurations ranging from two to five vessels, or we can help you make the most out of an existing system by adding on. At QTS, we are a one-stop shop positioned to meet all your brewing needs. Let us add value to your project with our in-house professional installation teams. Once complete, hit the ground running by having one of our professional brewers spend a few days with your team to get the most out of your equipment right from the start. Below are just some of the features that separate our tanks from the others:

Standard Construction:

  • 2-5 Vessel
  • Manual to Fully Automated Control Panels
  • Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric
  • 3-A, ASME, and BPE Standards
  • U.S. sourced Stainless Steel

We also supply all Brew House equipment such as:

Boilers, Chillers, Grain Handling, Walk-In Coolers, Keg Washers, Bottling Lines and more!

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